Saturday, February 9, 2013

How Much Does It Cost To Remove An Oil Tank

What is a home repair you fear you may need to make someday?
.. or a general home expense you fear? We had put off removing our oil tank for many years for fear of soil remediation which can cost thousands of dollars. Luckily, we didn't need that to be done..
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The worst I know of was an acquaintance that came home after a vacation to find a puddle in their front yard from the sprinklers.

The only problem was, they had no sprinklers and the outside faucets were off.

When they entered the house, they found that it was raining inside the living room - a steady stream of water was coming down through the ceiling, which now consisted of drooping, very wet, ceiling drywall panels.

They reluctantly walked up the soggy stairs to find that the hot water hose on their washing machine had burst, soaking the hallway and most of the master bedroom. They figure that it must have been running for around a week.

Total repair costs were over $30K including furniture replacement - they ended up replacing upstairs carpet and retiling the bathroom and laundry room floors, new plywood subfloor for half of the second floor because the hot water delaminated much of the floor plywood, re-drywalling the entire livingroom ceiling and half the walls, repairing the stairway, new livingroom and stairway carpeting, and bringing in a water damage cleanup crew to dry out the house and treat some mold. They had to fight it out with their insurance company who initially tried to deny payment due to the age of the hoses. They had a high gas bill that month too from the water heater trying to heat water 24/7 for a week.

Needless to say, they now turn off the washing machine faucets anytime they leave the house for more than a day and plan to replace hoses every 2 years. While performing a home inspection in Gastonia NC, Gastonia home inspector Prestion Sandlin found a buried ...

how much does it cost to remove an oil tank