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How Much Does It Cost To Pour A Concrete Driveway

How much does a concret driveway cost?
i have a 90 ft driveway on a slope and it is gravel/dirt. i am still waiting from several contractors to give me estimates, but no one can seem to just say 90 ft long/ 9ft wide "X" amount of dollars. Does anyone have a rough estimate?
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It depends on many factors. 90' by 9' =810 square feet. Now you need to know the thickness, which varies by area/local building codes/temperatures, etc. Typically it needs to be a minimum of 5 inches to handle weight of a car, thicker for trucks.

Assuming a depth of six inches [or half a foot =.50], you multiply your total sq ft times your thickness, or 810 x .50. This equals 405 cubic feet of concrete needed [volume of material].

A "cubic yard" of concrete has 27 cubic feet in it, and this is how concrete is ordered, usually down to "thirds of a yard". Example: 4 and 2/3rds yards, 1 and 1/3rd yards, etc.

You take your cubic foot number [410 in your case], and divide it by 27. This gives you your material number. This equals 15.185. Always add some for waste, I would order 15 and 2/3rds yards of concrete for your project. The delivered price per yard varies depending on your geography, additives, and small or "short load charges". A truck carries 7 cubic yards as a rule, sometimes more, but you will be charged more per yard if you order less than a full load, to make up for delivery costs.

At $110/yard delivered, your concrete cost will be $1722.60.

Now you have labor and other material costs to add to this. Labor is different from region to region. You can usually ask a "per yard" price for forming/pouring/finishing concrete. In MN, the union wage is $28/hr in Duluth, and $13/hour in Detroit Lakes, 4 hours away. For that reason, it is hard to give even a rough estimate on your total cost without knowing more factors.

There are also other costs involved, which are included in the "labor" part of the bid. Some would be: degree of slope [the steeper the driveway, the more it costs for obvious reasons], what type of reinforcement will be needed in the concrete [ie: fiber, re-bar, wire mesh, accelerant], finish of the finished project [ie:broomed finish, stains, decorative stampings or stencils], and the cost of the form boards, which are usually a onetime use expense.

Off the top of my head, your driveway would cost you $1800 [materials] + a minimum of $2000[labor] for the bare bones job in my area. Of course you could be looking at upwards of $3000 more for decorative stuff. for more info on How To Concrete.. how much does concrete cost, the price of cement, What is cost

how much does it cost to pour a concrete driveway