Sunday, April 14, 2013

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets In My House

How do i get rid of the yellow jackets!?!?
It's recently been getting cold and yellow jackets have been invading our house. The problem is that we know there not coming in from outside,we think they have a huge nest in the wall somewhere because there are hundreds. They just keep coming and we cant treat them because we don't know where the nest is and they don't seem to be going back to the nest they just seem to gather up in our windows so sevins dust wont really work. HELP!
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You have to try locating the hive. Watch them and find where they are entering. If you can, then if you estimate that locations position on an inside wall of the house the next step won't be as difficult and nerve-racking. Turn off the TV and radio and keep everyone quiet, then put your ear to the wall and listen for them buzzing. Pound on the wall some if you have to. Try different locations. Some guys use a stethoscope or the old drinking glass to the ear substitute. Whatever works in locating the hive. If you find it, get your chemicals together, drill a small hole a bit above the suspected location and pour it to 'em. You'll either kill them or make the environment unappealing to nesting. Sometimes you can't solve the problem that way and have to cut out a section of the wall and physically remove the hive. Either way, you have to estimate the hive location first.

getting rid of some pesky yellow jackets. My GSD Bogey once had a bad experience with these things, so he's pretty apt at ...

how to get rid of yellow jackets in my house